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December 12, 2005. Sorry everyone for being so neglectful of this site over the last few months. I've been really busy with work and martial arts competitions. In two weeks I get a break, then it's back to school in January. Hopefully I'll have enough time then to write some more tutorials. Particularly the ones that I promised to do months ago.

September 24, 2005. PDF versions are now available for my tutorials. A HUGE thanks goes out to Isaac T Alston for converting all the tutorials into pdf.

September 10, 2005. I've added a tutorial for wrapping SDL into classes to the 2D Game Tutorials section. The tutorial covers some OOP concepts and shows you how to split a project into classes. I've had a lot of requests for this tutorial, so I hope you all enjoy it.

July 11, 2005. I've added a new series of tutorials for SDL to the 2D Game Tutorials section. There are tutorials for displaying a window, drawing sprites, drawing text, drawing shapes, handling keyboard input, and moving game objects based on time. I hope you enjoy these tutorials. There'll be more on the way soon, I promise.

June 25, 2005. Alright, here's my site's new look. I hope you all like it. Unfortunately the new site doesn't have any new tutorials like I originally planned. My initial plan was to write tutorials for a number of classic arcade games, but they were way to unfocused. There's a fundamental problem with writing tutorials about making complete games; you can't show people how to make their own games, you can only show them how you made your own.

If you want to see the tutorials that I did write (I got up to almost finishing a Snake clone tutorial), you can download this. I've also created a new section (available on the left side bar) called the Code Dump with all of the source code that I wrote for the arcade game tutorials.

Anyways, my new plan for writing tutorials is to pick specific topics and write focused tutorials on them. You'll see a section on the left side bar called 2D Game Tutorials. In the coming months, I'll be adding tutorials on many different areas of 2D game programming. The best part about this is that if I get home from work one night and have a few hours to spare, I'll be able to write a tutorial and have it online that night.

I apologize to anyone who I promised new arcade game tutorials to. My decision to stop writing those tutorials was entirely based on quality. I just couldn't find a way to write about making those games without spending too much time saying "put this line here, now this line here, blah blah." Again, my goal is to show people how to make games, not how I make them.


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