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Zombie Town Editor

This is the editor for my current 3D project, called "Zombie Town". It uses the OGRE rendering engine and the Crazy Eddie GUI system. To show its abilities, I've created a video which can be downloaded here. I've also included a test level file, named "ZombieTownLevel.xml", which can be loaded by simply running the editor and clicking on the "Load Level" button in the rightmost window. Use the WASD keys to move. Hold the RMB and move the mouse to look around. Source code and some documentation is included in the zip file, which can be downloaded by clicking on the picture or link below.

Zombie Town Editor

Arcade Game Demos

The following is a collection of classic arcade game clones I wrote using the SDL library for input and graphics. Most of the art came from spritelib, a free library of game sprites. Each game uses the arrow keys and space bar for input.

I've also created a one minute video that demonstrates all five of the games below. Click here to download the video (in wmv format).








Space Invaders




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